Pilates and Pilates Core. What do they have in common. What are differences between them?

Pilates brings very quick and noticeable effects. One should especially focus on the Pilates Core training – as it has been proved, this variation of the Pilates method affects the looks and health condition of exercising individuals best. Pilates Core exercises teach us how to train not to make basic mistakes and eliminate bad habits. Why is Pilates "Core" so effective and why are the effects of training visible even after few weeks? Pilates Core trainings are incremental in nature and do not allow us to leave our comfort zone during any exercise. That is why the effects of Pilates training are visible so quickly. Thanks to the use of a proper technique, we can decode signals sent us from within our bodies perfectly and eliminate mistakes made. Learn your body... The responses of our muscles reflect our good and bad movement patterns, as well as the lack thereof. Unfortunately, the majority of us use their muscles improperly or do not use them at all. We do not perform numerous activities our bodies have developed to perform. We run, climb, and jump less. We spend more and more time laying down and even that is done improperly. That is why our muscles and joints are being damaged and we suffer from so many faulty posture-related disorders. Pilates Core is in balance with your body... The coordination of local and global muscle systems is similar to the coordination of various musical instruments in an orchestra. Just as it is in the case of torso muscles, each instrument affects the final outcome of the performance; each of them is highly specialized, but they are all required for the proper functioning of the body or an orchestra, respectively. Pilates Core Pilates Core, is one of the methods in the case of which the focus is put on a proper muscle physiology. The importance is not attached to a beautiful looks only (but it is an important factor as well). Pilates Core highlights the importance of maintaining hierarchy, exercise implementation order, and exercise performance precision. Pilates Core trainings are based on recreating proper movement patterns (muscle tension, length, and strength) by taking into account the stabilization of the lumbar and pelvic complex. Exercises are introduced gradually and are executed with or without partial body load not to disrupt basic patterns in motoric memory banks. Further Pilates exercises are introduced only when we are sure that the pattern will not be disrupted. WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF PILATES TRAINING? - read more! PROFESSSIONAL TRAININGS IN YOUR HOUSE Take advantage of our PILATES CORE PRO home training program. Thanks to our sponsors, it is now available for FREE! All you have to do is to register - PILATES CORE PRO Author: Anna Ścisłowska


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